My hobby is Tarot, but my passion is Writing & Poetry.

I’m a natural psychic who was born in Latvia and now live in England. I was taught the ancient psychic arts by my grandmother.

Sometimes just one word or sentence can change a lot for your present and future. If you open yourself to new things and experiences it may put you on brighter and richer life path. My specialism is in helping those who seek guidance for their future.

I spent most of my life explaining the meaning and repeating the spelling of my name to see what influence it brought into my life. Some sources suggest that my name ‘Gunita’ is of Hindu origin and meaning is proficient, virtuous. My surname holds even more mystery as it comes from German word ‘Zauber’ which means magic.

Early on in my life I thought of myself as a creative writer and translator but, after some short stories and poems published in children’s magazines, I settled for something more practical in my life. I did anything to keep my creativity flowing, until I could stand it no longer. I needed to reconnect with my passion to write. At first I felt insecure about my creative writing abilities because they had lain dormant for so long. I started to take my first steps with my website and submitting my first short story for creative writing competition in magazine “Soul & Spirit”. Instead of worrying about my lack of creative abilities, I took the power within me to follow my dreams.

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