Repeated Cards in Tarot Spread

4 Kings = honors, meetings of great importance
3 Kings = consultation needed
2 Kings = advice given or taken

4 Queens = arguments
3 Queens = female deception
2 Queens = sincere friends

4 Knights = urgent matters
3 Knights = news, unexpected meetings
2 Knights = intimate friendships / relationships

4 Pages = dangerous illness
3 Pages = dispute
2 Pages = disquieting news

4 Tens = an expression of strong disapproval
3 Tens = business, buying and selling, new conditions
2 Tens = changes

4 Nines = a good friend
3 Nines = success, triumph
2 Nines = something to be received

4 Eights = reversals
3 Eights = marriage or engagement
2 Eights = something learned or to be learned

4 Sevens = intrigue and secrets
3 Sevens = illness, weakness
2 Sevens = news

4 Sixes = pleasure, abundance
3 Sixes = success
2 Sixes = irritation

4 Fives = regularity
3 Fives = quarrels, arguments
2 Fives = care! Vigilance

4 Fours = journey in the offing
3 Fours = hard work, reflection
2 Fours = poor sleep or sleepless nights

4 Threes = decisions to be made
3 Threes = a time to be united
2 Threes = calmness

4 Twos = contention, competition
3 Twos = reorganization, security
2 Twos = agreement, conformity

4 Aces = excellent chances
3 Aces = great success
2 Aces = modest success

When is a good time to get a Tarot reading?

“Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.”
Richard Bach

It could be an opportune time for a Tarot reading if you have a difficult decision to make, and then reading can be useful to clarify your options. It may also show you something you may not have considered. If you’re beginning a new project Tarot can help you with some ideas, which could increase your opportunities. When you feel you’d like to learn more about yourself, your potential and gain insight into future self-development. It can be very helpful if you are struggling with something in your life and want to have insight what course of action you can take to change and improve the situation.

However, avoid having the Tarot reading on impulse if you are in a state of panic. Wait until you have calm down, so you become receptive to the information and have benefit from the reading.

I believe that personal development is something that should be part of everyone’s life. There is always room for improvement.

However, you need to keep in mind that you should not expect Tarot to make the decision for you. Be the creator of your future.

Reading Oracle Cards

What is the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

The main difference is that oracle cards don’t follow a set format like Tarot does, with the major and minor arcana. Also the number of cards differs from pack to pack in an Oracle deck. Rather than having a history of meaning that requires studying, they have their own meanings according to each set.

There are countless decks of oracle cards out there, and when you are new to using them, it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide which to use.

In theory, no one oracle set is “better” than another. They all consist of cards and usually an accompanying book to help interpret.

There is no magic in the cards, as such – an oracle is a tool for you to tap into your intuition, or to help you connect with your guides or angels and assist them in passing messages to you.

Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Working with the nature angels opens you up to manifesting within the material world, and they help you to let go, surrender and allow the abundance to flow.

These beautiful fairy cards will give answers to how you can remove blockages and allow manifestation to happen in your life or those of your clients.

Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This deck is specifically for questions regarding life purpose, your mission in life, career and success.

These possibly have limited use if you are only using them on yourself, but if you are giving readings for others, either as a hobby or professionally, they are a must-have deck. So many people are seeking fulfillment through finding their life purpose, and these cards have yielded stunningly accurate results for everyone I have read for.

The Majorities and Minorities in a Tarot spread

A Tarot spread is often filled with the cards from each suit, as well as one or two images from the Major Arcana. Sometimes one suit dominates the spread and this indicates that the focus of the reading is about one issue in particular.

A spread filled with Cups is going to be offering relationship advice or another emotional response to the situations. Lots of Pentacles in a layout suggests that business and financial matters are on the person’s mind or can also relate to life’s practicalities. When Swords dominate a reading, the person has lots of issues they are worrying about or have a concern. It also suggests that action of some kind is needed in order to put something right. Moods or attitudes may be colouring the spread. A spread with many Wands shows travel, inspiration, or restlessness. Reading is likely to deal with events in the material world. Action is the keyword.

But keep in mind that sometimes you can learn a lot from reading when certain cards are missing. In a spread, if you don’t have any cards from the suit of Cups, it means that emotional attachment to the situation is not present. And emotions are not playing a big role in your life at present. Not a good sign if you are doing a relationship reading! A Tarot reading without any Swords might indicate being immersed in emotions without any plan or action. There is not a lot of rational, logical thinking is going into the situation. A business reading that is missing the suit of Pentacles means the financial aspect of the business is not as important as other qualities associated with the person’s work. When Wands are missing, you can ask yourself, “Where’s the passion gone?”.

What about when the Major Arcana is missing from a spread? It shows that the reading is only about the mundane aspects of a person’s life. There are unlikely to be any highs or lows for the person at this time. It also indicates that the future is mainly in your hands. If a spread of cards throws up more than a third of the Major Arcana cards, it tells that your future to some extent being directed by fate.

So remember, look at the spread with the intention of seeing what’s in front of you, and also look for what’s missing or overpowering, too.

Symbol meaning of the Tarot – Part VII

Throne: The Throne is a chair for someone who is in supreme power of authority.

Tomb: Tombs deal with things that no longer serve us. We should not misinterpret when we see the tomb in our reading. It has very little to do with physical death. It tells us that we need to free ourselves from a tomb-like belief system. This symbol is present in the Judgment and the Four of Swords Tarot cards.

Torch: The symbol meaning pertains to life, truth, immortality and intelligence.

Tortoise: This symbol deals with self-containment.

Towers: Towers represent stagnation. This symbol tells us that if we build our lives upon false illusions or settle for something lesser, this Tower will inevitably come crashing down upon us.

Tree: Trees deal with sheltering, strength, stillness, endurance, abundance, nourishing and rootedness.

Triangle: The triangle deals with the love represented by the mother, father, child union, and the holy trinity as well creativity and the balance, a threefold nature of the universe. Depending on the position of the triangle the meanings are as follows: Upward pointing – male, spiritual, King in court cards; Downward pointing – feminine, cool, receptive, Queen in court cards; Pointing left – Movement from the passive toward the active, Page in court cards; Pointing right – Movement: the active toward the inner, Knight in court cards.

Uroboros: The serpent swallowing its own tail is symbolic of cycles. It’s also the infinite nature of energy. For example, in the Magician Tarot card it shows that energy is endless, and your ability to manipulate energy is the key.

Veil: Veil is a symbol of illusion, darkness and ignorance.

Venus: Venus is a symbol of love, creativity, passion, imagination and sexuality.

Wall: Walls deal with the need for privacy. They also tell about need to separate one area from another.

Wand: Wand is a symbol of authority, support and journeying.

Water: Water deals with emotions, purity, depth, flowing, cleansing, and subconscious and rebirth.

Waterfall: Waterfalls represent the constant running and flowing movement of your emotions and your deeper mind. They rush down and take everything with them in their path.

Wheat: This is a universal sign for the nourishment. In the Empress Tarot card, you see the Empress in all her nurturing glory.

Wheel: The wheel deals with mobility and cycles. It is a symbol of natural flow of energy, time, fate, karma and change. Our lives move in the same motion as the Wheel.

Wings: The wings are the symbol of freedom, flight into the unknown, the power to transcend the mundane.

Wolf: The wolf is a symbol of intelligence and loyalty. When it shows up in your reading it advises you to stop being so predictable and remember to be true to yourself. This symbol can be found in the following Tarot cards: the Moon and the Wheel of Fortune.

Wreath: Wreaths symbolise victory and completion. Usually, they are from leaves and flowers and worn on a head. They also tell about success and achievement over the material. Success is achieved in the Strength card. The battle against primal urges has been won.

Zodiac: The Zodiac deals with the cycle of transformation, the world phenomena and interconnectedness of existence (heaven and the earth).

Symbol meaning of the Tarot – Part VI

Symbols from S – S

Scale: The scale is a symbol of balance and equality. It shows you that a part of your life is out of balance. For example, in Six of Pentacles card the scale may ask you to look into being able equally to give and take and balance your resources. With the Justice card, it is a message that a balance must be struck and the client should be looking not to put too much emphasis on one aspect and not enough on others.

Scroll: The scrolls symbolic meaning deals with knowledge that is carried down from century to century. They are symbols of sacred knowledge and ancient wisdom. When the scroll flashes at you in the reading, it suggests that a client is not yet in possession of all facts and that something has yet to be revealed. You will find this symbol in the High Priestess Tarot card.

Sheep: Symbolic meaning of sheep is conditioning, status quo and ‘the crowd’.

Shells and Shellfish: Shells and shellfish deal with cycles, protection and regeneration. These creatures are lunar symbols. When shells surface in the Queen of Cups card, you may need some kind of protection for the path you are on.

Shield: Shields deal with protection, defence and covering up. The shield is a message for you to protect yourself from over – indulgence and make preparations to protect and shield that which you value the most; friends, family and your future. With the Empress card it is a message that Empress knows that when we enter all situations with shield of love, we are protected.

Ship: Ships deal with journeys and travel. However, not always with the physical movement, but where your thoughts are travelling. Are you taking the best course for your thoughts and emotions? In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, we can find the ship symbol in the following Tarot cards: The Death, Two of Pentacles, King of Cups and Three of Wands.

Skull: The skull is a symbol of change and movement. The skull can also mean the death of unwanted thoughts.

Snail: Snails deal with stability and steady footing. The progress is very slow, but it is steady footed. With the Nine of Pentacles card stability and success does not appear overnight, it comes at a snail’s pace.

Snake: Snakes deal with rebirth, renewal and development because they shed their skin during each cycle in growth. This symbol also can be associated with rejuvenation, sexuality, self-sufficiency, cunning and totality. You must be flexible, adaptive and adjust as best as you can to your circumstances. The snake symbol can be found in many Tarot cards: The Magician, The Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune and Seven of Cups.

Snow: The snow deals with isolation and exposure to harsh conditions. Also, it can mean clean, crystal clear and quiet. When the flakes fall into your reading, you can either see the snow as a fresh, clean start or as isolation. We can see the snow symbol in the Five of Pentacles in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Sphinx: Symbolic meaning deals with the protection of the secrets of life and guardianship. It is a symbol of the senses, and you may be asked to determine the secrets that may be holding you back. For example in the Chariot card, it may be an indicator of indecision.

Spiral: The spiral deals with fertility. It is also a source of regeneration and creativity.

Staff: Staffs deal with direction, stability and support. It carries the meaning of purpose in thought and deed. The staff symbol can be found in many Tarot cards, mainly used for support by the archetypes: The Magician, The Emperor and The Hermit.

Stained Glass: Stained glass is a symbol of perception and how your vision can change according to your views and beliefs. It is a sign that you need to be honest about your view of the situation.

Star: Stars deal with shedding light on your life and offering you navigation when you need it. You can look to a higher source for direction.

Sun: The sun is a symbol of power, divinity, growth, energy, creativity, wisdom, illumination and expansion. The rising sun is about new beginnings. The mid-day sun tells about creative activities. The setting sun indicates transitions and endings. The sun symbol can be found in the following Tarot cards: The Temperance, The Sun, The Fool and The Death.

Sunflower: The Sunflower looks to the light for answers and guidance. When the Sunflower faces you in your reading, it asks you to look away from the dark or negative side in your life and look to the light and positive things.

Sword: The sword in the Justice card represents double-edged action of right thought and right action. It helps identify the areas of your life that need closer examination.

To be continued…

Symbol meaning of the Tarot – Part V

Symbols from O – R

Ocean: As a symbol ocean deals with infinite possibilities. It’s the essence of depth, mystery and vastness. You need to acknowledge that there are higher powers at work in your life when a card with the ocean on it comes out in your reading and you need to release your control if to allow these powers from the Universe open up new opportunities for you. For example, in the Six of Swords card the ocean has choppy and wavy water on the front, but on then it becomes serene and tranquil. That indicates that you are moving away from trouble into more peaceful times ahead.

Path: Paths deal with the directions we take in any phase of our life. It can be associated with your career, love, family or spirituality. They are our life journeys which start from the small steps we choose to take. Also indicates beginnings, endings and small steps we take in between. Sometimes we need re-evaluate the commitments we have made to our life path in the past.

Pillars: The pillar is a sign of balance, diplomacy, tact and strategy. Don’t look at things as black or white, good or bad, right or wrong, but consider another option with a new and different perspective, in other words a middle road. With the Justice card there may be office politics going against you, but even knowing that you are right you may need to consider making an apology in order to keep the peace.

Pitcher: The contents of the pitcher hold what you have in your heart, your mind and your life. This sign can be found in the Star card.

Ploughed fields: Ploughed fields are a symbol of time. Patience is required while we wait for the results we are expecting from our work and actions. If we invest the time to plant and nurture we will be rewarded in the future. Nothing in nature can be rushed.

Pomegranates: As a symbol pomegranates deal with fertility, generosity, abundance and union. This is considered as a feminine symbol and is associated with female sexuality. The pomegranate is also a message for us to recognize the richness and wonder that surrounds us. It is a time to tap into the luxurious side of life. This symbol is present in the Empress and the High Priestess Tarot cards.

Purple ribbon: This is an ancient symbol of balance and unity.

Rabbit: Rabbits deal with good judgment and are tentative, impulsive and fast. They are much grounded creatures and a good sign for gathering around you family and friends. We can see this symbol in the Queen of Pentacles card.

Rain: Rain washes away all the dirt leaving everything clean and fresh. Rains symbolic meaning is clearing away the old in order to make the space for the new. Storms do pass and we are left with more fertile soil to plant afterwards.

Rainbow: Rainbow is a bridge of heaven and earth, spiritual and manifest, full spectrum of possibilities. It is also an indicator of good health.

Ram: This is a symbol of Aries who is the astral ruler of the Emperor and the first sign of the Zodiac. It has symbolic meanings of leadership, initiative, authority, determination and action. The sign which tells you to take responsibility, action and get motivated to accomplish your goals.

River: As water it is a symbol of emotion and the subconscious. It deals with the constant running and flowing movement of our emotions and taps into the deeper mind. You must not let you emotions run away from you when river or stream is shown in your reading.

Robe: The robe in the Strength card is a sign of purity and strength.

Rocks: The rocks symbolise challenges, barriers and they are inflexible.

Ropes: Ropes deal with confinement, restriction and binding. They have knots and you can get tied up in them. For example in the Hanged Man card the rope has a purpose. It serves as a necessity to pull away from your internal knots. When you are tied up, you are forced into a state of non-action. The more we struggle with the ties the tighter they become.

Rose: A symbol of heart, beauty and purity. Roses promise new beginnings and give hope, but also deal with perfection and passion. However, we must also take thorns into consideration as there can be some painful ordeals that need to be dealt with. This is a message of beauty unfolding in your heart and you need to make time to enjoy it. This symbol can be found in the following Tarot cards: The Magician, Strength, the Fool, and Two of Wands.

To be continued…

Symbol meaning of the Tarot – Part IV

Symbols from I – N

Ice: As a symbol ice is dealing with patience, distance, waiting and isolation. In Tarot it gives the feeling of separation, sometimes it may describe or represent a time of deep contemplation or a process of growth. We can see this symbol in the following Tarot cards: the Fool, Hermit, Tower, and Judgement.

Inverted five-pointed star: The five-pointed star or Pentagram is a symbol of harmony amongst all the elements. But when it is inverted we have a symbol embracing the opposite of Divine Law and the meaning of this symbol means disharmony, mistaken and maligned thought.

Keys: Keys unlock things and they represent knowledge, intellect and the revealing of things that are hidden from us. This could be the sign of locking up our potential. Also it might be giving the impression that something is being locked away from us. For example, the keys in the Hierophant card symbolise the keys to spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Also the Hierophant is seen to be an authority, and he is the holder of the kingdom keys – an intermediary person between God and man.

Knap sack: Is the Fool taking time to think about practical matters of his journey with his little knap sack or does it contain something far greater than consumables. He is young and starting on his journey so he has no worries, but he needs to prepare properly for the journey ahead.

Lantern: Lantern is the vehicle for truth, life, intelligence and illumination and carries with it all the symbol meanings that deal with light. With the Hermit card it is a symbol of clarity coming through and life revealing precious gifts to us.

Leaves: Green leaves are the symbol of fertility and regeneration, but colourful autumn leaves are suggesting that maturity is reached or telling that you need something letting go in your life.

Legs crossed: The leg positioning seen in the Hanged Man card is used for suspension to uncross. With the World card is its opposite and indicates that you have used diversity to your advantage. You came to the cross road and are now complete.

Lemniscate: Lemniscate, also known as infinity symbol: the endless and eternal nature of energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is simply in continuous motion.

Lightening: The symbolic meaning of lightening is linked to the divine intervention. It may come as thunderbolt, revelation, shock or enlightenment. It’s a message to wake up and pay close attention to your surroundings. With the Tower card it is a message of truth from higher sources asking us to pay attention and conduct the reality check.

Lily: Lily is the symbol of purity, fertility, hope and innocence. It encourages the freedom to be ourselves, as well as allowing others to be as they are. In a reading, the lily can signal development, progress and growth.

Lion: The symbolic meaning of the lion deals with courage, strength, protection, fearlessness, power and individuality. In a reading it may ask to look at how we have been dealing with things; for example, being stubborn or strong, protecting yourself or others. The lion symbol can be found in many Tarot cards: Strength, The Wheel of Fortune, The World, Queen of Wands, King of Wands and some other.

Lizard: As a symbol lizard is dealing with vision, wisdom, secrecy, silence, enlightenment and rebirth. As example, lizard in the three Wands cards: Page of Wands, Knight of Wands and King of Wands signify the importance of vision in the midst of action. This is also a reminder that results come from conscious efforts.

Lobster: In some decks lobster is represented as a crab or crayfish. This symbol is dealing with cycles, protection and regeneration. With the Moon card it is also representing the subconscious world.

Lotus: Lotus flower is a symbol of spirit and transformation, but the lotus leaf deals with perfection and spiritual revelation.

Man: The man in the world card signifies an angel and spiritual power.

Moon: Moon is a sign of femininity and intuitive side of all of us. The moon deals with cycles, psychic power, mystery, reflection, renewal, inner knowledge from one phase into another. Full moon specially deals with enlightenment and feminine magnetism. Moon asks us to listen to our intuition. In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck we can find the moon symbol in the following Tarot cards: The High Priestess, The Chariot, The Moon, Two of Swords and Eight of Cups.

Moon + Sun: The both of these symbols finding together it is a message of two opposites like heaven and earth, gold and silver, also it tells about sacred marriage.

Mountains: Mountains deal with challenge, realization and triumph. Mountains represent timelessness and draw our attention to the vastness of universe and ask us how high we are prepared to climb to reach our goals.

Nudity: Nudity is the form of external expression, trust and vulnerability and the letting go of our guard. Also it is symbol of innocence, unashamed and natural.

To be continued…

Symbol meaning of the Tarot – Part III

Symbols from F – H

Falcon: The symbol meaning has reference to higher vision, vibrancy, power and superiority, rising above the mundane. As an example, with the nine of pentacles, we are prompted to think carefully if we are living our lives according with our vision. Are we living at our highest potential? The falcon encourages us to fly high and show our brilliance.

Falling: Falling in the cards mean absolute loss of control. There isn’t one thing that can be done, just hope for the best when you land.

Feathers: Feathers express intuitive wisdom and dealing with higher thoughts.

Feet: Feet symbolically make reference to our spiritual walk. For example, with the Temperance card the right foot (consciousness) is dipped into the water that relates to our subconscious. The left foot (unconsciousness) is settled on land and is a signal to ground ourselves. It sends a message of necessity to obtain the balance.

Fire: Fire is a symbol of both creative and destructive energy and power. It also has meaning of transformation, passion, inspiration, strength, purification and ambition. As an example, fire is featured in the Tower and Devil cards. It can represent a test of faith or a measure of one’s purity.

Fish: The fish is featured on all the cups court cards and deals with emotion, creativity and intuition. It tells you to be aware of the nature of the water; learn to recognize if the water fast flowing, stagnant, calm or unpredictable.

Flag: The flag is a message about change, something has shifted, and a flag makes the announcement to the world about this shift. This is an obvious sign that a new day prelude. The flag tells about transformation and an event to be announced.

Flame: The flame is a symbol of illumination. It tells us that there is no darkness, but the absence of light. With the light in our hearts and minds we can clear lower energies.

Flowers: The flowers are full development of potentialities, expansion and sharing. They are opening up the light of joy, beauty, love, sensitivity, growth into our lives. As an example, Six of Cups reminds us of the good times, success, and all nice things that surround us.

Globe: We have the entire world in front of us and achievement is imminent. This is also a symbol of comprehension, ideas and bigger picture and dealing with infinity, cycles and completion. With two of wands card it encourages us survey our surroundings, add up assets and moving in the direction of our goals and ambitions.

Grapes: Symbol meanings of grapes deal with fertility, blessings and abundance. They are considered the fruit of the earth. We can see this symbol in many tarot cards: Four of Wands, Three of Cups, King of Pentacles, Seven of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles.

Green grass: Green grass indicates the fertile soil of inspiration.

Halo: A symbol of enlightenment and gaining higher awareness and insight. This is a light of truth, radiance and vital energy.

Hammer: The hammer is a sign getting the point across or getting the job done. This is also a symbol of force, masculinity, creativity and action. As an example, Eight of Pentacles encouraging to take the action learning or improving skills so you can use to the full potential whether this is your work or hobby.

Hand: The main meanings of this symbol are power, force, domination and protection. This is the point of transmission of giving and receiving. With the Ace of Cups card, it will be starting point of exchanging love and feelings, but with the Hierophant card it will be a sign that your spiritual needs will be met.

Heart: This is an obvious symbol of love, joy, affection and truth. Symbolically the heart is the centre of existence. With the Empress card it expresses love in our hearts and creativity in our souls.

Hoe: This symbol deals with resourcefulness, work and accomplishment. It makes us question whether we are using tools available to us and how we are doing things. As an example, Seven of Pentacles tells us what we can expect to receive from our hard work and efforts.

Holy Grail: The Queen of Cups is the keeper of Holy Grail. It has been the actual cup from which the Nazarene drank at the last supper. It is also a sign of spiritual enlightenment.

Horn: The horn is a symbol of a forceful, victorious, joyous and triumphant announcement. This is also a signal that something has happened or is about to happen soon. With the Judgment card, horn can announce both a victory and an oncoming attack.

Horse: The symbol meaning deals with strength, action, vitality, motion and powerful balance. Horse is featured on all Knight cards. This is also a strong spiritual symbol.

House: This is a place where we live, play, grow, dream, hide, die and the list goes on. Houses are symbols of our deepest secrets. When house comes up in reading, it may be a sign that our security is threatened; however we should not be too concerned with safety as we are protected. As an example, in Ten of Cups it represents happiness in one’s home life, together with a promise of lasting success in a relationship.

To be continued…

Symbol meaning of the Tarot – Part II

Symbols from C – E

Caduceus: This symbol has various meanings and deals with health, balance, protection, cosmic energy and duality. For example the Two of Cups the caduceus indicates that new partnerships or relationships shall be fruitful. It may indicate that you are joining forces with someone in order to heal.

Castle: The symbolic meaning deals with obtaining our desires and reaching goals. It tells us that everything should be built step by step upon a strong foundation if we wish to obtain our goals. It is a reminder of our reward, whether it is monetary, spiritual, romantic or otherwise, the castle is an end result of the long term investment made on the journey of life. Finally we can consider a castle being a home and a symbol of protection.

Cat: Cats deal with awareness, perception and psychic ability. A very good example is the Queen of Wands. Cat symbolism in the Tarot is a powerful energy.

Chains: Chains deal with conflict, slavery, restriction, limitations, conditions and boundaries. As an example, the Devil card comes with a clear message that we may be in a situation where we become a bond servant to our thoughts, beliefs, and needs or to others’. It also may give a hint that we need to break the chain of bad karma, so looking how to break bad habits and behaviour.

Children: Children represent new beginnings, fresh start, new ideas, promise and hope, also the ideas new to us how we look at the world. They are full of promises for the future, potential, joy and perfection. Sometimes it could literally mean children are on their way. For example, in the Sun card the child is a symbol of total trust that our way is always illuminated by the sun-energy.

Circle: Circle is a symbol for spirit, wholeness, no beginning and no end, totality and pure space.

City/Village: Cities, towns and villages represent centres of people, team-work, protection and harmony. Also it indicates a group effort is required and is a symbol of a group that meets for a common goal. In the Ten of Pentacles card it shows a strong bond among people who share a common vision and who have worked loyally together so that their dreams become reality.

Cloak: Cloak is the symbol for the mantel of discretion.

Clouds: The basic meaning of cloud is revelation. On the deeper level it tells of changing nature of the mind, hiding or covering, light and clarity, heaviness or lightness and hidden blessings or something being unformed. Depending on the card, clouds also symbolize confusion or clouded judgment, dreams, illusions, transitions and mystery.

Colours: Violet – intelligence and balance; Red – strength, energy, fire, passion, sexuality and activity; Pink – love and perfection; Gold – truth and enlightenment; White – innocence, purity, illumination and simplicity; Black – cold, night, void and death; Blue – coolness, water, depth, space and heaven; Grey – clouds, change, neutral position in movement and between dark and light as well as good and bad; Green – nature, abundance, renewal and creativity.

Cross: The High Priestess bares this symbol at her heart. She is intimate with ways of knowledge, nature and the universe.

Crown: Crown is a symbol of authority, royalty and command.

Crystal: Crystal is a symbol of insight and clarity.

Cups: In the Temperance card the cup transferring the water is a symbol of finding the right emotional balance, keeping in motion and going with the flow. It tells us that we are able to transform any situation by tempering our actions and thoughts so we can bring the results we desire into our lives.

Dog: Everyone knows it is a man’s best friend. The symbol meaning of the dog deals with honesty, loyalty and truth. It also shows that you are on the right track as dogs are symbolic of stability and permanence. Invoke the dog as your keeper, communicator, guardian and guide. This possibly brings into your mind image of the Fool card.

Dove: The dove indicates purity and is a symbol of love, ascension and aspiration. It is shown in Ace of Cups and it is a promising symbol of new love coming your way.

Eagle: The eagle in the World card is the symbol of the Seeing Eye. This is a symbol of inspiration, strength, also a bridge between heaven and earth.

Elements: All four elements are shown in the Magician card – air, fire, water and earth. And the message here is him being the master of these tools.

Eyes: Depending on open or closed we look at two different meanings. Open eyes indicates awareness, but closed eye tells about inward looking.

To be continued…

Symbol meaning of the Tarot – Part I

Each Tarot card has one or more symbols integrated with the card’s image. They are essential to our interpretation process. Each of them may hold messages from our higher selves and Universe. It is vital to recognize these symbols and pay close attention when you are reading the Tarot cards. When you read the cards some of the symbols will catch your attention more than others, but this is no accident. Your intuition will bring to the light the most important ones as you go along with the reading. In this and the next articles I will take you through the most common meanings and how they have been speaking to me bringing more insight and clarity to my Tarot readings. Symbols described here refer to the different Tarot card decks. Please note that for some of you some symbols may have a different and very specific meaning.

Symbols from A – B

Angels: Angels show important messages in the form of inspiration, clarity, communication, purpose and higher thoughts. The message will be closely linked to the central meaning of the Tarot card. For example, with the Wheel of Fortune card the key implications of the message will be about luck, destiny and change; with the Temperance card – healing, balance, chemistry; with the Judgment card – transformation, faith, honesty.

Ankh: This is an important Egyptian symbol. The ankh means life, security, royalty, a hidden wisdom, power and authority.

Arches: They are symbolic of passageways, new directions, opportunities and protection. It may show that one phase has finished and it’s time to cross over to the next one. As an example, the Three of Pentacles shows the initial stages of completion and tells you about taking the things to the next stage.

Armour: Armour deals with action, strength and protection, mostly of the self. This symbol you will find in all Knights cards. As very good example is The Death card with key definitions of exposure and transition that may require much strength; The Chariot card – with a lot of action, control and staying focused so being able to protect yourself with taking control.

Arms: Knowledge is power when we accept it with open arms. The figures in the Judgment card are welcoming higher knowledge with open arms.

Backs turned: Indicating a time of turning away from past events.

Baton: Baton is a symbol of balance.

Beard: The best example of this symbol is in Emperor’s card where we see masculine figure of authority with long white beard. This reassures us that this man has acquired experience and wisdom and is worth listening to as he offers advice so we can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Bed: It may show where we are most vulnerable and where we can let our defences down. Also, this signifies our dreaming life, and the thoughts of fantasy. There can be a need to define the deeper meanings lurking around.

Bench: Indicating a need to sit back, relax and take a moment to examine the situation from a calm point of view. In the Eight of Pentacles, it will indicate the need for taking time to look at vocational matters.

Birds: They symbolize higher thoughts, entering into a higher state of consciousness and matters of the spirit and freedom. It is also a symbol of a message of the need to free you from bondage. The bird can lift our burdens and set our souls free giving hope – the Star card.

Blindfold: Unwillingness to face the truth, accept the facts or see things clearly. This can be a sign of something being hidden from you. The Eight of Swords has this symbol as the main one with all key meanings like illusion, limitation, misperception and fear.

Boats: They indicate travel or movement not always a physical one, like some pressing thoughts coming from subconscious which may put us in motion. The Six of Swords is indicating movement to a much calmer place and state of mind.

Brick wall: This symbol seen in the Sun card and the meaning could be allowing sun energy shine upon us, breaking through negative to the positive.

Bridge: Bridges take us from one point to another. It tells us there are ways in which to accomplish something taking the steps needed. In the Five of Cups it shows that we can bridge the gap between the sad emotions we feel at the moment to more positive we want to feel.

Bull: The Bull is a symbol of force, potency, stability and power, also carries meaning of resistance to change, being stubborn and inflexible. It is shown in the World and Wheel cards as well as in the King of Pentacles. The message can be standing your ground, gaining stability and order.

Butterfly: A universal symbol for transformation, lightness, temporariness and fragility. Butterflies go through several changes and transformation the same as humans before reaching the final state of beauty. It perfectly expresses the inevitable cycle of life, asking us to examine ourselves, look at our thoughts and feelings and how inner transformation causes outer transformation.

To be continued…

Failed Tarot readings

You have been doing Tarot readings for a while and then suddenly one time things are not going well, and you cannot get over the strange phenomenon what went wrong this time. There are some reasons that Tarot readings do not go the way you expected.

As an amateur reader, you may lack knowledge, skills and certainly experience, but you will only get better by practising.

As a professional reader, you need to think what the best approach is if this happens with you reading for a client. My opinion is you cannot accept any fee for such readings as your client can not benefit from your service no matter what the reason are. There is no harm to tell your client to come back in a few weeks time or even suggest another reader. Though the client may not come back to you, they will appreciate your honesty rather than if you told them unhelpful or irrelevant information to their situation.

Readings can go wrong for the different reasons and the possibilities of that could be:

1. Spirit Blocks

Their spirit guides can cause this blockage that neither they nor you can see or understand. It might not be the right time for them to have a Tarot reading or the reading they need to get should be delivered by another person.

2. Client Fears

They might be suspicious or cautious about Tarot itself or you as a reader. As soon as their fear will scatter all will be all right to proceed with the reading.

3. Personal Incompatibility

There are people for whom you will never be able to read for several personal reasons. We are all human, and this can happen as sometimes difficult to empathize with certain people.

4. Sensitivity

Some clients give off unfriendly or aggressive vibes at the beginning of their reading. It might be due to their personal problems or they might have on their mind strictly designed image what and how should happen reading and preferable outcome.

5. Personal Problems

It might be the situation that you are weighed down with your own problems and may find difficult to tune into someone else’s. Here is only one solution to suspend your business until you feel better taking time off or go on holidays if you can afford to. A Tarot card reading is also psychic work and some of you may even combine it with psychic and medium business, and it takes many efforts and energies. This also can be your guides’ way of making you switch off for a while.

6. Abusive Types, Drugs and Alcohol

If a customer becomes abusive and untactful, you need to remind yourself that you do not have to answer superior questions or put yourself up to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Occasionally you may have a client who may be mentally ill or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You should not take unnecessary chances. It is best to ask them to leave and in case of need tell them you will call the police. Remember you are not a doctor, a psychiatrist or a policeman.

You still might have question whether there is another solution to some of the above mentioned situations. Yes, sometimes some of them you may tackle with a different approach like using another kind of divination. It would be great to consider such option whether you can use for your work Runes, numerology, reading sand, tea leaves or coffee, palmistry, astrology, Angel cards or anything else that appeals. Another divination may be more appropriate for some of your clients.

Whenever you offer people the service of this nature, you need to do it responsibly.

Roja and Cape Kolka

My next destination in this trip is Roja, a small seaside town, where I am staying tonight in a B&B. After settling down in the hotel and early dinner, I am going to explore the surroundings of the town. Rojas port moles are the popular area for walking. Here everyone can watch the hustle and bustle, wave splitting, port and fishermen coming home from their daily work. A place where you can enjoy romantic sunsets and sunrises, listen to the sound of the sea and sea-gulls clamour. One of the biggest sea stone in Latvia is on the rocky shore of Roja’s beach. Its circumference is 12.5 m, height of about 2 m.

I love the sea and the seaside is a place where I could spend hours sitting on the beach and watching the sea. It speaks to me with wave rushes, calming sounds and spreading healing around every living creature. Then fishermen are coming home from a day spent at sea, loved ones are meeting them at the mole. Breezes clear the day, emotions and clear your mind and open your heart.

It’s breakfast time in the hotel and then my journey continues along the Baltic sea coast up to a place called Kolka.

Cape Kolka is the place the largest cape in Latvia and where the Baltic Sea meets with the Gulf of Riga, creating impressive waves that can be dangerous for swimmers and sailors. Cape Kolka is a unique place with an open area around where one can see the beautiful view of sun rising and setting. It is a paradise for sailing fanatics, but this place can be a very dangerous place for ships. Therefore, the lighthouse was built in 1884 on an island and warns about this. Over a period of time, ships sunk near Kolka due to the complicated navigation conditions. Even today there are legends told about pirates who robbed ships and sailors. This is also a place to watch birds coming back from warm countries where they spent time during the cold winter in Latvia. In the summer, this is a paradise for surfers and swimmers. Kolka village is famous for selling smoked fish and also has extended cultural history.

The day is turning to the late afternoon and it’s time to embark on the journey back home.

Kolkas Rags

Sand caves near Dundaga

May 2003. Today I am travelling to the west part of Latvia. My destination is the Liepniekvalks sand caves. I am packing my lunch and taking a few maps with me to make sure that I will find this place!

On a lovely spring morning, I am driving through a beautiful countryside. The first greening of the grass is like the first sight of spring with that glimpse of brilliant green. Then the trees, warmed by the fresh sunlight and rain, begin to unfold their leaves and are now fully opened. With spring many flowers bloom. Memorable for me in this part of the country are the cowslip, dandelion, lilies of the valley and primrose. Each is beautiful in its own right; each marks another splash of colour.

I am nearly there, and my car should be left walking distance from the caves. The morning time symphony of spring is carried out by the birds. Their twittering and chattering, interweaves with the sunlight to brighten the day. The path leads through the forest with the beauty of nature surrounding me on my approach to the Liepniekvalks sand caves. In the sandstone outcrop of the banks of the Liepniekvalks river springs have eroded a maze of caves and underground passages atypical for the territory of Latvia. The caves are approximately 5 metres high and 20 metres wide. It is a complex system of underground caves with five entrances. The total length of the caves is around 70 metres making it the longest natural cave maze not only in the west part of Latvia, but also in all territory of Latvia. The maze is formed by one bigger and two smaller branched rooms linked by tunnels. Several pillars and sandstone columns can be found in the caves. After having caved in, the caves have been unreachable, but due to the underground passages being covered with sand the caves can now be observed only from outside.

To be continued..

Liepniekvalks sand cave near Dundaga


Don’t go away,
Stay a little while longer.
The garden and flowers are still blooming,
The land and soil are still breathing.

Don’t go away,
Stay a little while longer.
The trees are still holding their leaves,
The dew is still kissing the grass.

Don’t go away,
Stay a little while longer.
While the red and orange sunset is slowly coming,
And nature’s symphony is falling silent.

Copyright © Gunita Zaube

Tarot as a Tool for Tuning into Past Lives

Understanding our past lives can be essential for us to truly get to know ourselves in this lifetime. For connecting with the past Tarot can be used as a tool. Tarot card images and messages are the key to unlocking our past lives. The selection of Tarot cards for interpretation will allow us to establish a connection with that forgotten past and discovering the personality, behaviour and thoughts of someone whose body is long gone, but their soul is within your being. There can be more than one past life so you may wish to keep in mind that the revelations may be recent past or a time much longer ago.

If you plan to work with discovering your past lives don’t forget that it is a serious step and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You may find there are unfinished issues and agendas, and not all of them may be pleasant ones. There can be very upsetting, harsh or painful circumstances you have experienced in your past lives. All that good and bad wisdom collected over previous lives will benefit in your current life, but only if you take notice want to work with this ancient knowledge you have within. Past life discovery may not be successful on your first request and as such you may need to use other tools like, dream work or meditations if to explore a specific incarnation or get deeper insight in certain situation.

Before you begin the Tarot reading it is highly recommended that you have a minimum of one hour and that you are ready to embark on this journey into your past. Allow your mind to be as open as possible, prepare yourself for this reading by grounding, and make sure there won’t be any distractions from outside. You should feel protected and safe.

Shuffle the deck of your Tarot cards. Through this journey you will need to use different combinations of Tarot cards. Let’s start.

Step One.

To establish your gender and personality you will be using only Court Cards – Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. After you have these 16 cards, shuffle them and draw your card. This card holds clues to your gender during a past life; however don’t think that if you have drawn a King or a Queen that it is obvious that you were man or woman, not at all. For example, you have drawn one of four Kings, it may tell you that you might have been a woman, but with very strong masculine features in your dealings, emotions, thoughts or actions. Pages may indicate that the most important time in your life was your childhood and young age. Knights may tell you of importance of your life as a young adult. A Queen or King will be putting accent on your life after age of 40. The description of that court card will tell you of your possible characteristic features, behaviour, and field of business you were in. Drawing the one of Pages may indicate not just the importance of young age, but also tell that you might never truly grown up emotionally or obtained financial stability as mature person being responsible for money and wealth in your life, or you might lack the strength of mind to make decisions or you went through your life discovering your creative side.

Step Two.

To find out your past life lesson and how far you were on Fool’s Journey you will be using only Major Arcana Cards. This card tells you the life lesson you learned during your past existence and what is important lesson for you in this lifetime. Let’s look at an example- you have drawn the Temperance. What about this card could tell you about your past life lesson? You have learnt to keep in balance your conscious and subconscious, so allowing constant flow and balance which is necessary to attain harmony. You might be learning how to be patient, you developed ability to compromise and to find satisfactory solutions, diplomacy, and cooperation and at the end of your journey you managed to balance your emotions and reaching out for perfect union and making reconciliation with those around you. You have received Angelic healing. For the lesson in this lifetime you look to the next Major Arcana card following the Temperance. In this example it is the Devil card. It tells you that you need to learn the lesson what Devil card represents. It might be possible blindness to certain elements in your life like, being too idealistic, having some addiction, being too manipulative, controlling, obsessive or even self-destructive at times. Also, it might tell you that this is a learning time how to deal with people having such behaviour or issues.

Step Three.

By now you have discovered who you were; what lesson you learnt and what issues you need to look at this lifetime you may wish to ask Tarot about influence you have on your present life and circumstances that come from your past lives. Collect all cards, shuffle them, and draw one more card. For example, you have drawn the Two of Wands. This card might suggest today’s inability to choose the right path and stick with a course of action. It might be connected with self-doubted left over from your previous incarnation’s self-doubt that might not be very obvious in this lifetime and influence you on a subconscious level. There could be a lack of collaborations and negotiations with others in past life and enough insight to get the project off the ground. If you want to progress with your projects and ideas in this lifetime a decision is needed and choice should be made.

Even if your current beliefs do not accept idea of past lives, reincarnation, this spread can still provide you with insight. In this case you may refer back to your life 5 -10 -20 years ago and what truths about your present life might reveal about your past experiences in this lifetime. You might have changed as person, you have learnt lessons and have been presented with the next one and that may require some guidance for you to deal with past issues you have experienced and get insight how you can put that behind you and move forward.

Shared Dreams

There are two kinds of shared dreams: mutual and concurrent. In both cases two people dream of similar experiences, characters and activities. There can be also shared emotions, feelings, information or even developed dialogue about any theme or subject. What is the difference between mutual and concurrent dream? The difference is in how the dream occurs. In concurrent dreams, the individual has no idea that someone else may be having a similar dream or sharing the content of the dream. In mutual dreaming, two people intentionally invoke and develop a wish to experience a shared dream.

Mutual dreams can be evoked between very close friends, family members, but mainly they can be developed between lovers and partners, especially if you are very sensitive person. What if you wish to try mutual dreaming, but your partner is sceptical, uncertain or don’t want to join you in this journey? You can practise on your own. Light a candle, listen relaxing music before you go to bed and just before you fall asleep make a wish saying load or in your mind “I’ll see you in my dreams” and concentrate on imaging you both together having a dinner, walking or having heart to heart discussion.

If your partner is happy to attempt shared dreaming then this is what you should try. Go to bed early and fall asleep touching hands lightly and imagining your favourite place or destination you wish to go on holiday and also you may think about giving a special gift to each other. If your partner is somewhere far away and you want to talk to him or her, share time or make love, dreams can offer a meaningful communication between the two of you. This allows you to build a subconscious awareness of one another. You may wonder how it is possible that you will have similar dreams. It’s possible because of the telepathic bond that cause the shared dreams that is rooted in love and shared lives.

Can you share dreams improve your relationship? You can use these dream meetings to strengthen a relationship. It might be very helpful if you are going through a tough patch, recent argument or need make shared decision.

Concurrent dreams mainly are discovered by chance. You may be telling your dreams to another person to gain insight into the symbolism of your dreams or asking them how you could interpret your dream to find out what that could mean for you. Their feedback gives us a different perspective and helps us to see meanings which we may not have considered. Talking about our dreams with people whom we trust can strengthen our relationship with them. We might not be able to talk with everyone about our dreams as they may contain our weaknesses, intimate feelings, our fears, our passions and the way we live our lives. A dream in which the other person might not be a dream about that person and their character might represent something else. You may wish to think that when the character does symbolize that person there is possibility that he or she may have dreamed about us in return.

Concurrent dreaming is rarer than mutual dreaming. Talking about dreams can open channels of meaningful communication and improve relationships with others and ourselves.

Can you read the Tarot cards for yourself ?

There are so many opinions among the Tarot readers as to whether you should or shouldn’t read the Tarot cards for yourself. I have heard some of them saying that it is unlucky to read the Tarot cards for yourself. I think that is untrue; however, it can be very difficult to give yourself a reading. Over a long period of time I have been struggling to read the cards for myself. I have started to meditate and questioning: “Why am I failing to read cards for myself but not finding it difficult to do so for others?”

In my opinion these are the reasons why most of the readings you do for yourself do not produce the results:

– You are too close to your problems and issues to be objective, the issue of an emotional investment is a stronger obstacle than objectivity. Emotions and wishful thinking get in the way of accepting the answers the Tarot cards are giving.

– Trying to self-read over a very short period of time, repeatedly laying out the cards, using different spreads for the same question and so unconsciously trying to get the answers we like to have. Can things change over-night? I guess not really, at least not the fundamental ones; they can change over some time, but only if certain steps has been taken to change the situation or proceed to the completion of some stage of events and allowing time for some progress to take place.

– Tarot is a very complicated tool to use as there are so many meanings and aspects are integrated in one card, when we read for others we may find it much easier to follow our intuition and trust gut feeling.

How to get the most out of a personal Tarot card reading? My experience led me to use the Tarot cards for meditation and simple guidance as to how I should proceed in this or another situation using the simplest method – one to three cards reading. There is so much information that you can get from just one Tarot card! Keep an open and clear mind, meditate using the card that came out for the answer to your question and stay as objective as you can. In meditation you will clear your mind and additional information could come through to you either as psychic message or draw your attention to the most important symbol or colour in the card you have for your reading. Make a commitment to read only once for the same topic or question, no matter how inappropriate or irrelevant the card seems that you have picked out of the deck. For some time I have been recording the date of the reading, question and card in my diary, so I can go back and review it after some time.

If you want to share your experiences or tips on how to read the Tarot cards for yourself, please leave your comments and ideas below in the comments field.

I Believe

I believe in love at first sight,
I believe that after day comes night,
I believe in a life-long romance,
I believe that all of us are given that chance.

I believe that dreams do come true,
I believe there is a fate for me and you,
I believe that romance make us creative,
I believe there are souls that feel connective.

I believe that there is no coincidence,
I believe that there is higher guidance,
I believe nobody is given privileged credentials,
I believe all can develop their potentials.

I believe in another world and times,
I believe that all of us have good and bad times,
I believe in power of love and passion,
I believe in future of this nation.

I believe that life is one big ride,
I believe that we have nothing to hide,
I believe one moment can change your life,
I believe there is an afterlife.

Copyright © Gunita Zaube


Something happened to me one day
that increased the hope of discovering the secret
held deep within my heart
a spark of enlightening light
like a small star from the sky.
I was teenager then
finished school
wrote three entrance examinations at the University.
I felt the call of silence in my heart
was drawn to the forest and birds
in quiet contemplation.
I was alone
with the trees and sea
filled with stillness and unknown presence.
Suddenly a powerful force took over me
my heart expanded
my body relaxed.
Quite and calm voice filled my heart with love
like tiny bud growing into a shiny red rose,
and it said to me: “What do you want to do with your life?”
It felt like I was talking with myself
at that moment I discovered and understood
what is the meaning of stillness and a quiet mind.
I could express
my thoughts and observations
experience of moment
left my heart and mind impressed.
I chose a path
and my steps strengthened.
The doorsteps opened
and times of confusion and anxiety
were replaced by awareness.

Copyright © Gunita Zaube

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