Awaken your intuition

Intuition helps you tap into your subconscious mind. Developing intuition is a healthy way to take charge of your life. It helps you get to know yourself better. By developing your intuition it will help you to find answers to your problems, questions and issues. And solving problems leads to less stress; and less stress means a healthier life. Developing your intuition may allow you to have better relationships and communication because you instinctively know how another person might be feeling or what they aren’t ready to hear or consider at that time in their life. In order to use intuition effectively you will need to approach your thinking in a different way, sometimes let go and surrender as being in a relaxed state is key for developing intuition.

Accessing your intuition is like having your own super power. It allows you to access secret knowledge by looking inside yourself. It may also give you information you can’t justify rationally. This is where you have to surrender your normal thinking and let yourself be guided.

Here are some techniques to help develop your super powers:

Meditation and relaxation

Practise meditation or take a quiet walk in the park, forest, along the river or sea coast. Perform a mindless task that will allow your mind to clear itself. Through meditation you will develop an awareness of your own inner world. Practise this regularly.

Heighten your senses

Become more aware of your intuition by allowing yourself to receive information when you are out in nature. Pay attention to the animals that cross your path, listen into sounds of birds and be inspired by the beauty of flowers, trees and plants. Connect with nature and you can easily calm your mind, think and receive creative ideas. Nature offers an endless playground to develop your senses. Begin by holding an object like a stone or an acorn; get interested in it and look at it until you can envision it with your eyes closed. Ask yourself what it feels, smells, sounds and tastes like. You may go even further and ask yourself questions like “What could it tell me about my life?” See what comes out of this exercise.

Exercise your brain

Build the pathway between the right and left brain hemispheres with easy-to- do crossover exercises. Consider time to time doing things with your non-dominant hand, like opening doors, brushing your teeth or even writing.

Do blind readings

Try to get an answer to a problem or issue you are having. Concentrate on the problem or issue, write all the potential solutions on a card or piece of paper, turn these over, and pass your hands over each one. Start pulling out the ones that you are drawn to the most. Turn them over and read them. Did you pick the ones you were leaning towards in the first place?

Keep a journal

Get a blank notebook and start writing, if you are visual person you may consider drawing as well. A Journal is a window to your soul and feelings. There you can keep your deepest thoughts without fear of judgment or blame. Journals allow you to be just who you are and travel through life’s emotions with gentleness, compassion, and deeper understanding. Trust what comes. Later, go back and read your journal. You’ll be amazed at the wisdom that comes through from your inner world. Use your journal to assess your life’s journey.

Let go and flow

None of us are in control of life, but we do have the power to shape it to a certain extent. We can choose to be grateful for what we have or don’t have. Trying to control is like attempting to stop a river flowing. The best thing to do is to let go of what you can’t control and enjoy every moment you have in your life. Learning to accept what’s already happening and flowing with the current of life is one of the biggest secrets to inner peace.

Share your experience

Talk to others who already have developed their intuition. Find out how others have done it and use the exercises that work well for you. Share your thoughts and experiences with other like-minded people.

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