As a child I lived in very rural area in Latvia, far from other people, and spent time in my own world. From the early days of my life I have been in tune with nature; building my inner strength and knowledge of this world based on sensing, feeling and naturally knowing things, being able to see and hear what is around me and other people. I began to sense people’s moods, and was connected with their feelings very deeply. From the age of six, my grandmother has introduced me to the science of reading playing cards, seeing future outcomes in situations when some guidance, encouragement and trust is needed for someone to find their path in life.

I spent a lot of time outdoors walking in forests, balancing my emotions and thinking. Also I was taught about how nature can help you cure yourself.  Knowledge of the ancient is strong in Latvia – the ancient Latvian medicine exists alongside traditional medicine. This knowledge includes different natural teas, herbs and infusions, presence in energetically strong locations, special magic words and spells; this knowledge is still being used in practice.

After my forestry engineering degree I worked close to one of very famous ancient places called Pokaini. Old tree groves, single trees, springs, stacks of stones, hills and valleys – these all are ancient sacred spaces which, according to legend, contain special energy. According to people who study sacred spaces, this is a unique place in the world. It is now a place of pilgrimage, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Since I came to London ten years ago I have been missing this unique touch with nature, but this place opened me new and different path in my life where I can develop my knowledge and existing gifts to the new level. I found the College of Psychic Studies and since then have been member of this college and taking different courses and workshops to enhance my natural gifts. These are the courses I have taken.

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