Can you read the Tarot cards for yourself ?

There are so many opinions among the Tarot readers as to whether you should or shouldn’t read the Tarot cards for yourself. I have heard some of them saying that it is unlucky to read the Tarot cards for yourself. I think that is untrue; however, it can be very difficult to give yourself a reading. Over a long period of time I have been struggling to read the cards for myself. I have started to meditate and questioning: “Why am I failing to read cards for myself but not finding it difficult to do so for others?”

In my opinion these are the reasons why most of the readings you do for yourself do not produce the results:

– You are too close to your problems and issues to be objective, the issue of an emotional investment is a stronger obstacle than objectivity. Emotions and wishful thinking get in the way of accepting the answers the Tarot cards are giving.

– Trying to self-read over a very short period of time, repeatedly laying out the cards, using different spreads for the same question and so unconsciously trying to get the answers we like to have. Can things change over-night? I guess not really, at least not the fundamental ones; they can change over some time, but only if certain steps has been taken to change the situation or proceed to the completion of some stage of events and allowing time for some progress to take place.

– Tarot is a very complicated tool to use as there are so many meanings and aspects are integrated in one card, when we read for others we may find it much easier to follow our intuition and trust gut feeling.

How to get the most out of a personal Tarot card reading? My experience led me to use the Tarot cards for meditation and simple guidance as to how I should proceed in this or another situation using the simplest method – one to three cards reading. There is so much information that you can get from just one Tarot card! Keep an open and clear mind, meditate using the card that came out for the answer to your question and stay as objective as you can. In meditation you will clear your mind and additional information could come through to you either as psychic message or draw your attention to the most important symbol or colour in the card you have for your reading. Make a commitment to read only once for the same topic or question, no matter how inappropriate or irrelevant the card seems that you have picked out of the deck. For some time I have been recording the date of the reading, question and card in my diary, so I can go back and review it after some time.

If you want to share your experiences or tips on how to read the Tarot cards for yourself, please leave your comments and ideas below in the comments field.

One thought on “Can you read the Tarot cards for yourself ?

  1. Susan Morrish on said:
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    So very true. I don’t usually read cards for myself any more but meditate instead and I ask the question “what should I do next”. If I don’t get a clear answer then I ask – what tarot card would represent this situation or person and I quite often get clarity.

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