Reflective thoughts for a meditation with spirit

Having a positive attitude towards the meditation, reflecting on the thoughts and feelings that you bring to your practise will allow you approach meditation with a positive outlook. Meditation is a multi-layered practise, and a relationship with your inner being. It is a personal experiment which needs a playful attitude, … Continue reading

How to access your own higher awareness

The way we choose to see life is mostly based on the flow of our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings usually dominate our perceptions of the outer world and also of our own experiences and actions. Start learning by doing some exercises. Simply watching your thoughts and … Continue reading

How can you increase your psychic abilities?

There are number of tools and methods available that may help to increase or focus your intuitive skills. Most psychics use some form of meditation to calm their mind that heightens intuitive awareness. Some read tea leaves, Tarot cards or rune stones or use a crystal ball. Regardless of the … Continue reading

My first card consultation

The first time when I did a reading using Playing Cards was an interesting experience. The family who lived not far from my house had very decisive moment in their lives. They needed to make decision for their son’s wellbeing. He had serious heart disease requiring an operation, and the doctors didn’t give … Continue reading

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