Failed Tarot readings

You have been doing Tarot readings for a while and then suddenly one time things are not going well, and you cannot get over the strange phenomenon what went wrong this time. There are some reasons that Tarot readings do not go the way you expected.

As an amateur reader, you may lack knowledge, skills and certainly experience, but you will only get better by practising.

As a professional reader, you need to think what the best approach is if this happens with you reading for a client. My opinion is you cannot accept any fee for such readings as your client can not benefit from your service no matter what the reason are. There is no harm to tell your client to come back in a few weeks time or even suggest another reader. Though the client may not come back to you, they will appreciate your honesty rather than if you told them unhelpful or irrelevant information to their situation.

Readings can go wrong for the different reasons and the possibilities of that could be:

1. Spirit Blocks

Their spirit guides can cause this blockage that neither they nor you can see or understand. It might not be the right time for them to have a Tarot reading or the reading they need to get should be delivered by another person.

2. Client Fears

They might be suspicious or cautious about Tarot itself or you as a reader. As soon as their fear will scatter all will be all right to proceed with the reading.

3. Personal Incompatibility

There are people for whom you will never be able to read for several personal reasons. We are all human, and this can happen as sometimes difficult to empathize with certain people.

4. Sensitivity

Some clients give off unfriendly or aggressive vibes at the beginning of their reading. It might be due to their personal problems or they might have on their mind strictly designed image what and how should happen reading and preferable outcome.

5. Personal Problems

It might be the situation that you are weighed down with your own problems and may find difficult to tune into someone else’s. Here is only one solution to suspend your business until you feel better taking time off or go on holidays if you can afford to. A Tarot card reading is also psychic work and some of you may even combine it with psychic and medium business, and it takes many efforts and energies. This also can be your guides’ way of making you switch off for a while.

6. Abusive Types, Drugs and Alcohol

If a customer becomes abusive and untactful, you need to remind yourself that you do not have to answer superior questions or put yourself up to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Occasionally you may have a client who may be mentally ill or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You should not take unnecessary chances. It is best to ask them to leave and in case of need tell them you will call the police. Remember you are not a doctor, a psychiatrist or a policeman.

You still might have question whether there is another solution to some of the above mentioned situations. Yes, sometimes some of them you may tackle with a different approach like using another kind of divination. It would be great to consider such option whether you can use for your work Runes, numerology, reading sand, tea leaves or coffee, palmistry, astrology, Angel cards or anything else that appeals. Another divination may be more appropriate for some of your clients.

Whenever you offer people the service of this nature, you need to do it responsibly.

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