Fool’s Journey in Tarot – Part II

In Part I the Fool was half way through his journey. Now he may have to reassess his life and goals. The Fool is looking for a new path and inspiration for his life. And on his way he met the Justice who makes him to think hard about right and wrong and how to balance things to be fair. The Fool thinks on this, and new insight on his own life comes to mind. He realizes that he has spent his life achieving worldly things, while leaving his spiritual self to famish. Now he sees that this is necessary, the only path he has not walked, and one he must walk to regain his equilibrium. It is time to balance his inner scales.

The image of the Hanged Man comes to his mind and the Fool wonders why this man is hanging and then he believes that he has made some sacrifices doing it. He is hanging between the mundane world and the spiritual world, able to see both.

While continuing on his path the Fool comes across Death. He ponders whether he is still alive and asks to the Death; “Have I died?”. In response the Fool is told that he has sacrificed his old world and a great transformation has happened. As such, the Fool needs to build new foundations.

Continuing on his spiritual path, the Fool begins to wonder how to reconcile the opposites that he’s been facing: material and spiritual (the Hanged man), death and birth (Death). A gathering moral and spiritual energy he meets on his way Temperance. The Fool begins to understand that he is the one who is keeping his universe in brace, holding the material world and spiritual world apart. The two could merge and therefore be in the right proportion.

The closer the Fool gets to meeting the Devil, the more he feels his own earthly desires rising in him: lust; passion; obsession; and greed. The Fool realizes that the Devil can enslave, however he understands now that it is not a creature of evil, but instead of great power. It can be frightening and dangerous, but it is also the key to freedom if understood and wisely used.

The Fool then came upon a familiar Tower. In fact Fool has helped to build this Tower. Something then flashed across his mind; he thought he had left that old self behind when he began this spiritual journey. But he realizes now that he hasn’t. The Tower has shaken to the core, the Fool experiences grief and fear, but also realizes that all what was built false belief now coming to the end. The truth shall set you free.

Then the Fool meets the Star who brings a sense of optimism and tells the Fool to have faith and hope for the future. The Star provides the confidence to leave the past behind, knowing that better things are destined.

Following the Star the Fool travels throughout the night. The full Moon rises and emotions are highly charged and fluctuating, feelings of intuition and instincts are heightened.

The Fool wakes at dawn from his long, restless night and watches the Sun rise overhead, bright and golden. The day is clear. Since he started on this spiritual journey, he has been tried and tested, confused and scared. But this is the first time that he has been simply and purely happy. His mind feels illuminated, his soul light and bright.

The Day of Judgement then arrives, when the spirit, no longer a naive Fool, can join the wholeness of being and know the World. He is free, reborn, and wholly in the present. Now he sees his position very differently. The World turns, and the Fool’s journey is complete.

In Part I of the Fool’s journey he deals with the material world, while in the Part II is more to do with overcoming mental anxieties and fears, leading towards spiritual development as mortality beckons.

Many thousands of Fool’s journeys have been written and told the world over.

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