Having dreams about dead relatives what does that mean?

Many people believe that when you dream about someone who has passed you are actually communicating with them. Some believe that the only way the dead can reach us is in a dream state because your guard is down and your mind is open. If you are having dreams about dead relatives who are telling you things, perhaps you should listen to them. If your dreams don’t offer any words of advice or support, and rather than them telling you something you dream that you are walking together, this might just be because you miss them. But they can come into your dreams to give you important messages.

I used to dream about my grandmother after she died. I saw her in dreams and she was asking “Why did you bury me when I was still alive?”

After having the same dream three times, I decided to tell my parents. A few days afterwards they went to the graveyard and noticed that the year of my grandmother’s death was engraved wrongly on the memorial plaque. When the mistake was corrected, I didn’t have that dream any more.

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