How to become a psychic medium?

Despite experiencing many psychic happenings during my early life, I always wondered what I needed to receive messages from spirit world. How could I develop the mediumistic skills and what could I achieve as a medium if my abilities were developed?

A small note for the reader here: there is a big difference between being psychic and being a psychic medium. To be a psychic and to have psychic abilities is about tuning into a person or an object here on earth. To be a medium is being able to pass a message from a person in the spirit world to the person still living. All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

The first step in your journey to become a medium is mainly about you and finding out if this path is for you. All this starts with learning how to be calm and relaxed. Only when your mind is free you can get to the next step. In this stage you may decide to attend a meditation class or join some meditation group. The development starts with building our own awareness and opening doors to the spiritual journey. Finding and accepting yourself will allow you to expand your consciousness and gain awareness of the world around you. What can you experience here? Your life unsolved, unaccepted issues will be brought up, especially ones emotional character and you will need to be strong, recognize and accept them if you are to move forward in this spiritual journey.

Then you may be wondering, should I practise alone or do I need a group? A group will provide support, guidance and share some experiences they have had. Where will I find a group? Some Spiritualist Churches have classes and development groups. There are two types of circle: ‘open’ and ‘closed’. Anybody can join the open circle. It may be challenge to find a circle where you will feel comfortable together with other group members. Your inner feelings and instincts will tell you if you are in the right place. If the first group doesn’t seem to work for you then try to find another, as it is very important to be happy with the group and feel good about the people and place.

When we learn to understand our own life, learn to accept and deal with it, then we can help people in deeper ways as a medium. Observation is one of the keys when you join the group, don’t behave childishly by constantly looking for attention or recognition. Becoming a medium also means that you must be totally honest with yourself. When you start clear your mind, you might be facing up to your fears and overcoming them. You might need to recognize what has been holding you back in life. How to realise that your thoughts are suppressed from fear? Well, it may come in form of panicky moments, bad dreams, worries, insomnia and so on. You also must bear in mind when you start this journey and participate in a class, your emotional life may be opened up to you. If you feel annoyed by someone or something it can be a reflection back to you. Try to analyse and look deeper to where these feelings are coming from; they might be yours, but not others.

Developing mediumistic skills requires a lot of patience. There will also be times when friends and family won’t or simply can’t understand what your motivation is to step on this path and carry on. It takes years of practice and dedication to be the best you can be.

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