How to tune into your intuition?

This is good question to ask yourself how I am going to be able interpret what signals are giving my mind, my heart, my feelings. How can I read and understand what it means for me or someone else around me?
A good start is to clear your mind and make sure that you are grounded and balanced so that energy can flow freely through your body, and your energy centres are open to allow you to receive the information.
When you start your psychic journey with an experienced professional you will be always taught to start and end your work with small exercises which will allow you be safe and protected, during the period of your work, and afterwards. I had experienced difficulties in following these small, but essential rules in the beginning, and it took a while to get used to it. You must see it as part of your every time routine whenever you decide to work with yourself or someone else.
What else may be important?
Learn listening skills, be honest in all areas of your life, and connect with your emotions and thoughts. The right place work to look for answers lives inside of you.

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