Open your inner psychic

I went to a workshop called “Open your inner psychic” in Brighton on the 8th June 2013. This workshop was organized and facilitated by Johannes Ziehl and Avril Price.

We are psychically responsible for our world personally and globally. This workshop gave me an opportunity to meet great people and together with them, explore questions and find answers to my path and purpose in life. We were greatly encouraged to trust our inner feelings and never stop practising and using our abilities and skills. The day started with a very simple and gentle exercise where we learnt how to be led and lead others and how to trust in ourselves and those around us. If you are at the end of the road and want to find a new destination and transform your inner core, this workshop would teach you skills to be present in the moment and psychically align and attune yourself to the power of intuition and inner knowledge.

Through the day we participated in numerous exercises using different tools like drawings, flowers and cards. Using our psychic abilities we were able to give insights and readings to each other, which was very encouraging and uplifting. In another exercise for practising mediumship we paired up and gave readings on other people’s loved ones who had passed on.

We learnt through the day that our reactions, desires and dreams are our true calling once we know how to stay switched on and stay balanced. We don’t have to go outside of ourselves for answers. We learnt to connect with guides and loved ones in the afterlife. We explored channelling through mediumship, how to connect to spirit guides and recognise them in daily life, trust the power of the universe, link to your higher self and attract more love into our life. I learnt to appreciate that you can create miracles and make them happen on a daily basis. There are no limits to your potential.

This workshop also showed me how important it is to be part of a psychic circle; a group of people who want to develop and practise their psychic abilities. Working as part of a group enhances psychic energy and, most importantly, you gain encouragement from assisting in another’s progress.

It was extremely informative day with great attention to the detail. The facilitators gave individual attention throughout the course. Everything was controlled in a safe and loving environment with the help of Johannes and Avril and of course their and our spirit guides and loved ones! I came away very uplifted and met some lovely like minded people.

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