Symbol meaning of the Tarot – Part VII

Throne: The Throne is a chair for someone who is in supreme power of authority.

Tomb: Tombs deal with things that no longer serve us. We should not misinterpret when we see the tomb in our reading. It has very little to do with physical death. It tells us that we need to free ourselves from a tomb-like belief system. This symbol is present in the Judgment and the Four of Swords Tarot cards.

Torch: The symbol meaning pertains to life, truth, immortality and intelligence.

Tortoise: This symbol deals with self-containment.

Towers: Towers represent stagnation. This symbol tells us that if we build our lives upon false illusions or settle for something lesser, this Tower will inevitably come crashing down upon us.

Tree: Trees deal with sheltering, strength, stillness, endurance, abundance, nourishing and rootedness.

Triangle: The triangle deals with the love represented by the mother, father, child union, and the holy trinity as well creativity and the balance, a threefold nature of the universe. Depending on the position of the triangle the meanings are as follows: Upward pointing – male, spiritual, King in court cards; Downward pointing – feminine, cool, receptive, Queen in court cards; Pointing left – Movement from the passive toward the active, Page in court cards; Pointing right – Movement: the active toward the inner, Knight in court cards.

Uroboros: The serpent swallowing its own tail is symbolic of cycles. It’s also the infinite nature of energy. For example, in the Magician Tarot card it shows that energy is endless, and your ability to manipulate energy is the key.

Veil: Veil is a symbol of illusion, darkness and ignorance.

Venus: Venus is a symbol of love, creativity, passion, imagination and sexuality.

Wall: Walls deal with the need for privacy. They also tell about need to separate one area from another.

Wand: Wand is a symbol of authority, support and journeying.

Water: Water deals with emotions, purity, depth, flowing, cleansing, and subconscious and rebirth.

Waterfall: Waterfalls represent the constant running and flowing movement of your emotions and your deeper mind. They rush down and take everything with them in their path.

Wheat: This is a universal sign for the nourishment. In the Empress Tarot card, you see the Empress in all her nurturing glory.

Wheel: The wheel deals with mobility and cycles. It is a symbol of natural flow of energy, time, fate, karma and change. Our lives move in the same motion as the Wheel.

Wings: The wings are the symbol of freedom, flight into the unknown, the power to transcend the mundane.

Wolf: The wolf is a symbol of intelligence and loyalty. When it shows up in your reading it advises you to stop being so predictable and remember to be true to yourself. This symbol can be found in the following Tarot cards: the Moon and the Wheel of Fortune.

Wreath: Wreaths symbolise victory and completion. Usually, they are from leaves and flowers and worn on a head. They also tell about success and achievement over the material. Success is achieved in the Strength card. The battle against primal urges has been won.

Zodiac: The Zodiac deals with the cycle of transformation, the world phenomena and interconnectedness of existence (heaven and the earth).

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