Tarot Soul Reading

Tarot Soul Reading could help you explore the current stage of your spiritual growth. You should only use the Major Arcana for this spread.Separate the Major Arcana from your deck, and tell yourself you are going to choose three cards which will reflect the past, present, and future of your spiritual development. Shuffle the Major Arcana and pick three cards from this part of the deck.

The Major Arcana are strong, fundamental, archetypal forces of spirituality. They represent a journey towards enlightenment and also express unconscious and conscious aspects of yourself; therefore they are perfect for discovering the steps of your spiritual journey and awakening process of your soul.

The first card represents the actions and ideas that brought you to this moment in your life. The second card tells you what you are going through at this time (on a spiritual level) and the final card reveals the spiritual insights that are about to manifest in your life and essential for your next step in your spiritual path.

Your circumstances may change on a weekly or monthly basis, so you can use this technique as many times as you like to track your spiritual development and your soul’s journey. It’s a great way to understand the inner process, your conscious and subconscious mind which links your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual expression.

Here are some key meanings for this spread:

0 The Fool – Open your inner child, let go of self-doubt, take a leap
I The Magician – Adapt to changing circumstances, focus on a goal and manifest it
II The High Priestess – Trust your intuition, unlock your memory, develop hidden potential
III The Empress – Concentrate on creating harmony, motivate others, nurture your heart
IV The Emperor – Take control of situation, use structure and rules to get the best results
V The Hierophant – Trust in your own beliefs, look for a spiritual teacher or adviser
VI The Lovers – Be more aware of who you are, true to your values, seek wholeness
VII The Chariot – Learn to stick to the right path, develop self-control and confidence
VIII Strength – Force the issue to achieve results, develop inner strength and stamina
IX The Hermit – Search for inner wisdom, look for direction or guidance, meditate
X The Wheel of Fortune – Turning point, open the doors to opportunities, be ready to start afresh
XI Justice – Accept the truth, objective thinking, calmly weigh up the pros and cons
XII The Hanged Man – See life from different angle, change priorities, make transition
XIII Death – Let go of the past, accept and embrace change and transformation
XIV Temperance – Balance emotions, heel yourself, moderation is the key to success
XV The Devil – Avoid temptation, limited perception and negative thinking or illusions
XVI The Tower – Someone acts as catalyst for you, learn to adapt, accept sudden change
XVII The Star – Insight, self-belief are essential, visionary progress and self-expression
XVIII The Moon – Testing time, working with what is hidden, clearing confusion and fears
XIX The Sun – Feeling enlightened, manifest your goals and dreams, clarity, growth
XX Judgement – Accept things the way they are, rebirth, revaluation, inner calling
XXI The World – Celebrate rewards for hard work, effort; embark on a trip of a lifetime

This reading can help you understand yourself, your motivations and your hardships. It can illuminate the lessons and stages you need to go through. It can bring clarity where you are in your spiritual journey. Soul Tarot Reading is intended for those who are serious about self-discovery and spiritual awareness.

Please share your experiences and thoughts about this reading and suggested meanings of the Major Arcana for this reading.

This deck is specifically for performing a ‘soul spread’

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