What evidence can be found in your dreams, and what does it mean?

Dreams are our subconscious signals transmitted symbolically, where we can very often find useful information. Your subconscious triggers dreams, and the subconscious can know things the conscious mind doesn’t know or doesn’t want to accept. Dreams can be different and with so many symbols, and they should each be interpreted individually.

Here you will find more common dream interpretations.

If you are naked in a dream:

If a dream takes place your daily routine – you are going to work, waiting for the bus or just walking, and you suddenly realize that you are naked. Dreams of a full or partial nudity are a very common occurrence. The nudity can symbolize a number of things depending on your specific life circumstances. Humiliation experienced due to your nudity refers to the vulnerability or shame for your actions in real life. Such dreams are common among people who are hiding something and afraid that others can see through you. Figuratively clothes are our mask – they allow you to hide your identity and turn into a different person. Being naked in a dream means losing the ability to defend yourself. Such a dream can mean that you’re trying to pretend being someone who you’re not, or that you are afraid that others will not accept you for who you are. This is especially characteristic of people who have recently entered into a new relationship and are afraid to openly express their feelings. Being caught naked represents a situation where you have a lack of control over events. For example, in dreams, where you get caught naked at work or school, your subconscious mind will actually sends signals that you should be required to prepare projects or homework. Often, it can also symbolize your desire to be noticed and earn recognition. Very rarely, a dreamer can also be proud of their nakedness. This dream represents complete freedom, pride, honesty and openness.

If you are chased in a dream:

Persecution in dreams indicates anxiety or worry in real life. The way we deal with something that embarrasses or makes us worry is showed to us as a reflection in our dreams. This is an instinctive response to the body’s primitive physical threats. Often in these dreams there is an attacker who wants to hurt or even kill. You flee from him, trying to hide or outwit the attacker. Persecution dreams can specify how you are dealing with fear, stress, and various real-life situations – instead to allow the confrontation you choose to flee and escape. You should ask yourself the question, who is your pursuer and you might get an idea or notion, what factors cause your stress or fear. It is significant that the pursuer in a dreams could be yourself. Your anger, envy, fear, and even love can take the role of the persecutor. Do not try to escape or suppress these emotions, but to reach the confrontation and ask why they persecute you. For example, if a person drinks too much, his subconscious mind can try to pay attention to self-destructive behaviour. Sometimes the persecution can be linked to the fear of physical attack in real life – it is much more common among women who feel physically vulnerable and afraid of sexual assault.

If you are losing teeth in a dream:

One of the most common dreams are based on people losing their teeth – whether they are disintegrating in a dream, or falling out when lightly touched. Such dreams are not only frightening, but people can remember them for a long time. On the one hand, dreams of tooth loss may reflect human anxieties about their appearance and how others see them. Unfortunately, physical appearance plays a large part in human society and the appearance of your teeth has an impact on that. Therefore, such dreams may reflect the fear of acceptance and liking, including the fear of aging and its consequences. Another explanation can be experiencing a fear to look or behave silly in a particular situation. This is usually due to exaggeration of fear or worry. And finally, as we use their teeth to bite, chew and digest, they symbolize strength. Tooth loss can mean loss of power, strength or influence. In real life, one may feel that his views are not heard enough and as a result of this a person feels the are losing confidence in their own abilities, perhaps at work or in a relationship.

When you are seeing teeth fall out, that may indicate some sort of loss in your life which could be be relative or a loved one. But here I want to remind you that not all dreams come true as it depend on different circumstances, like when dream has been seen.

If you are flying in a dream:

When dreaming of flying, people are aware that it isn’t reality, and to some extent, are able to influence the future course of the dream. Flying in a dream is associated with joy, exhilaration and relaxation. If you dream you are flying effortlessly, enjoying the views from the top, it shows that you are in total control – you will be able to overcome any obstacles or experience personal growth. Flying and the ability to control the route shows inner power and awareness.

If you feel any difficulties whilst you are flying, it can symbolize the lack of the ability or strength to control the circumstances and events around you in real life. If trees, mountains or buildings block your way when you are flying this could symbolize obstacles occurring in real life or a person that interferes with your success. In this situation it would be very useful to identify these barriers so you can move forward in your life. If when you are flying you experience fear or you think that you are flying too high, this may represent a fear of your life challenges or even achievements.

If you are falling in a dream:

Falling in a dream indicates instability in real life or other certain worries. They may be unsolved issues at work or in relationships – you have lost your foundations and do not feel secure about the future. In some situations, the fall may symbolize failure or inferiority. The individual may fear being able to fulfill expectations at school, at work or in a relationship.

If you cannot pass exams in a dream:

Dreams of an exam symbolize tests and challenges in real life. In these dreams the individual is often unable to answer the exam questions or questions are written in an unfamiliar language. Time is running out and you cannot answer the exam questions or solve the problem asked. Maybe you are arriving late for an examination, or during the exam you continuously have problems with your pen, pencil or computer you are using. These dreams are often related to your self-esteem and confidence in your own abilities. They may also represent a fear of not fulfilling other people’s expectations or that they won’t accept you because you aren’t smart or good enough. Feeling weak and nervous, you lose faith in yourself and only the worst thoughts and scenarios are coming in your mind.

These dreams can also be a sign that you are not prepared for a particular situation in your life. In these dream your subconscious mind can try to recall the works and tasks that will be judged by others and that you have not done them, instead avoiding thinking of them. Perhaps you are feeling guilt that you are not getting ready for an upcoming examination, appointment or even a professional challenge.

By understanding your dreams, you will gain a better perspective on your life.

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