When is a good time to get a Tarot reading?

“Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.”
Richard Bach

It could be an opportune time for a Tarot reading if you have a difficult decision to make, and then reading can be useful to clarify your options. It may also show you something you may not have considered. If you’re beginning a new project Tarot can help you with some ideas, which could increase your opportunities. When you feel you’d like to learn more about yourself, your potential and gain insight into future self-development. It can be very helpful if you are struggling with something in your life and want to have insight what course of action you can take to change and improve the situation.

However, avoid having the Tarot reading on impulse if you are in a state of panic. Wait until you have calm down, so you become receptive to the information and have benefit from the reading.

I believe that personal development is something that should be part of everyone’s life. There is always room for improvement.

However, you need to keep in mind that you should not expect Tarot to make the decision for you. Be the creator of your future.

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